• Stamp, Stock, & Save

    A new live showcase has been added for the Stamp, Stock, & Save sale.

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  • New Additions

    Here's another list of recent additions to the site:

    1. We've added a new frequently asked questions page (FAQs) to answer the most common questions coming in through our contact form.
    2. Ever wish that you could go back and edit your showcase after getting the Link? This has been on the list of to-dos for a while and now it's done! You can now go back and change the layout or add/remove products... just remember to use the updated code that gets generated after making changes.


  • Live Showcases

    We are happy to announce that the live showcases are now available for the remaining countries. You can now choose your country in the upper right corner of the site (next to the login / logout link).

    Thank you to everyone for your support, kind words, and for using our site!

  • Social Media

    So apparently there has been a lot of talk about My Stampin Blog on facebook. We would like to hear what everyone is saying about our site, so we have created new social media pages. Please take the time to like our page and post a comment or two.

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  • Download Supplies Link

    Once again, thank you for using our website. We are happy to announce another cool feature to our product showcases. Now at the bottom of every showcase (if enabled) there is a download "Supply List" link. This new link allows you or your visitors to download a PDF of the products listed in the showcase, and the best part is each product links back to your store!

    To include additional contact information in the supply list documents (name, phone, or website), you will need to update your profile information.

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  • Thank You!

    We just wanted to say thank you for using our website. Our first user signed up last week and we already have over 100,000 showcase views! We are so excited that the site has become such a hit. We are constantly working on new features and bug fixes, and like always we welcome your input for things you would like to see in the future.

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  • Website Launch

    My Stampin Blog is a website dedicated to making helpful blog tools for demonstrators. With the launch of our new website, we are happy to offer our first tool called the "Product Showcase" builder. This tool allows you to build a showcase of stamping products to advertise on your blog.

    We have plans to provide many more tools in the near future, as well as improving upon our existing ones. Should you have any comments about new tools or ideas for the site, we welcome your feedback. You may contact us through our contact page.

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