Blog Tools for Stampers

Build a showcase that details all of the products used in your creation that links back to your online store. You can even build a PDF supply list with instructions and images that your visitors can download. Use the color builder to show the different color combinations that you used.

Build Product Showcases

You can easily find the product that you are looking for by searching our extensive database of products. We support searches by product name or by catalog number for multiple countries. As you search for products, you are presented with a list of the closest matches so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for without fumbling through a product catalog.

Once you have all of the products added to your showcase, you will need to choose a layout that specifies how to display them. We offer a variety of layout options to fit your needs.

In addition to being able to build your own custom product showcases, we also provide what we call Live Product Showcases. These are prebuilt showcases that are updated on a pre-defined basis (daily, weekly, etc).

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Build PDF Supply Lists

The supply list builder lets you build a PDF document that outlines how to do something. You are able to upload your own images to include in your document and can provide detailed instructions. By using the same search tool that is available in the showcase builder, you are able to include a list of the products used and can choose from different product layouts. Each product will link back to your online store.

You can even add a layer of security to your new PDF document by giving it a password, disabling copy & paste, or even disabling the ability to print. Use these security options to help prevent your hard work from being copied.

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Color Builder

Encourage your blog visitors to be creative by giving them a color challenge, or just simply provide a list of the color combinations that you used on your own project. Each color links back to your online store listing the related products to that color. You can also download a JPEG image of your color combinations that you can upload to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

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JPEG Image Builder

Want to display products on your Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest page? Turn your product showcase into a JPEG image and post it. These sites do not allow you to paste in the HTML code generated from your showcase, so using an image is the next best thing. You are able to give it a title and modify the various attributes of the image (font size, number of columns, etc).

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