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Exclusive Features

Below is a list of features that are available to site subscribers. Any new features that are added to the site will only be available for subscribers. Stay informed when we release new updates by following us on Facebook or Twitter.

Build Showcases

Build your very own product showcases that link back to your online store. You can also include either an automatically generated or custom made downloadable PDF supply list.

Build Supply Lists

Build your very own custom PDF supply lists. You can include images, instructions, and a list of products that link back to your store. You can even attach them to your showcases. See Example

Color Builder

Encourage your blog visitors to be creative by giving them a color challenge, or just simply provide a list of the color combinations that you used on your own project.

YouTube Links

Generate short links for pasting product links into your YouTube description. The links will direct visitors to the product information on your online store.

JPEG Showcase

Customize and download your showcase as a JPEG image to put on your facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc. pages.

Live Showcases

These are pre-built showcases that are always up-to-date. For example, you can copy the weekly deals live showcase code to your blog and it will automatically stay up-to-date each week when the new deals are released. 1

Future Updates

Get access to any future updates and added features to the My Stampin Blog website. Anything new that we develop for this site will be for subscribers only.

1) Your blog must be able to use the embedded showcase option for this to work, meaning that it can allow scripts to run. You may contact us to determine if your blog is compatible with scripts.

Showcase Builder

Make your blog look even more professional by adding a product showcase to your posts or display the weekly deals inside of a side bar. Easily find the products that you want using our simple search tool. You can search by product name or catalog number and re-order the products as needed. Each showcase has the ability to include a PDF supply list document for visitors to download. See below for an outline of the showcase features:

  • Easy product search tool for multiple countries
  • Drag-n-drop products into the order that you want them to display
  • Choose from different showcase layouts
  • View showcase analytics in your profile (embedded showcases only)
  • Show or hide product details (catalog number or pricing)
  • Show or hide a link to the showcase supply list
  • Include your contact information in the supply list download
  • Change product sizes (image, price font, product name font)

Supply List Builder

Now you can create your very own PDF supply lists! (See Example) You can provide pictures of the finished product along with detailed instructions, and of course include the list of products that link back to your store. See below for an outline of the supply list features:

  • Link your supply list to any product showcase
  • Provide a document password
  • Prevent copying and pasting of the document's content
  • Prevent the document from being printed
  • Provide a document title, sub-title and detailed instructions
  • Upload your own images to display in the supply list instructions
  • Include a list of the products used that link back to your online store
  • Choose from different product layouts (image list, bulleted list, tiled layout)

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Using a CDN greatly increases the speed at which your blog visitors can load showcase content. Based on your visitor's location on the globe, the CDN chooses the closest server to provide super fast content delivery. Below is a map of the CDN server network.

CDN Network Map