• Add to Cart Feature

    We added a new feature that allows your vistors to add products to their shopping cart directly from your product showcase or supply list! You have the option to show an "Add to Cart" button under each product as well as an "Add All to Cart" button at the end of the product list.

  • Fun Stampers Journey - New Website

    After May 16 when you sign into My Stampin Blog, you will need to update your account profile with your new coach number. If you also changed your replicated Fun Stampers Journey website Url, you'll need to update that as well. You can access your My Stampin Blog profile by clicking here.

    Once Fun Stampers Journey releases their new website, we will need time to reprogram My Stampin Blog to work with it. The amount of changes that Fun Stampers Journey makes to their site will dictate the amount of work needed to update My Stampin Blog. It may take a day or more. Fun Stampers Journey does not provide us with any assistance or early access to their new site, so we will see it at the same time every one else does and any changes they make are out of our control.

  • YouTube Links

    New Feature!!! Generate short links for your YouTube video description. Click on the "Generate Links" button after creating a product showcase.

  • Fun Stampers Journey

    We've added support for Fun Stampers Journey Coaches! Fun Stampers Journey products and colors are now available to add to your blog.

  • Color Builder

    Check out our new Color Builder feature. Show the color combinations that you used or start a color challenge.

  • Subscription Only

    As of Feb 17, 2016 My Stampin Blog is no longer a free service. The running expenses continue to increase with each new user, and the time spent maintaining the site and answering emails is consuming a significant amount of time. Any showcase that was created under the free tier will continue to function on your blog (excluding Live Showcases). However, to create anything new will require a subscription with the site.

  • Year-End Sale

    The year-end sale showcases are now available!

  • Online Extravaganza

    The online extravaganza showcases are now available!

  • Video - Supply List Builder

    We put together a tutorial video for the NEW supply list builder feature. Check it out here

  • NEW Supply List Feature

    Check out our newest feature. Subscribers can now build custom supply lists and attach them to their showcases. Include images of the finished product, detailed instructions, and a list of products that link back to your store. You can also protect your supply lists by password protecting them, preventing the viewer from copy / pasting its content, or prevent the document from being printed.

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