• AutoSave

    We've implemented a new auto-save feature on the showcase and supply list builder. While you work, a copy is stored locally on your browser in case you leave or refresh the page without saving your changes. The next time you load the builder, you will be asked if you want to restore the auto-saved changes.

  • Supply Link Style

    A new feature has been added to the Supply List builder options tab called Show Link Styles. This option allows you to toggle on/off the text underline and blue color that gets applied to links in a PDF document. New supply lists should have this option checked by default, to maintain the same functionality that everyone is already used to.

  • Host Code

    Add a Hostess Code to your entire Showcase or Supply List

    A few things to keep in mind when using this feature:

    • Just remember to let your customer's know if their order is over $150.00 they need to remove the host code before final check out so they can redeem their host rewards.
    • Hostess codes only last for 30 - 31 days give or take.
    • The links with hostess codes after 30 - 31 days will go through but they will not be tied to that hostess code any longer.
    • If you have a hostess club or workshop party with a different hostess code than your personal hostess code; make sure the hostess and guest are aware if they click on your links in your blog post they will need to remove your host code and enter in their host code for the club or workshop.
    • This is a great feature to have; it is up to you on how you will use it in your business.
  • Name Embedded Showcases

    You can now name your embedded showcases so that they are easier to find in your profile.

  • Link Converter

    With the launch of the new store, the product links have been changed. If you were using non-embedded showcases, you can paste your old blog post code containing these showcases into the link converter to change the product links into the new format.

  • New Store, New Links

    The new SU store was launched at 9am EST this morning. The store has changed the URL structure for its product pages and My Stampin Blog has been updated to begin using them. While these changes to the new store were out of our hands, we are doing our best to adapt. Below is some information for how these changes may affect the content you created before the new store was launched.

    If you were previously using our embedded showcases, the product links for those will automatically be updated to use the new ones. However, non-embedded showcases created before today (using the old product links) will begin directing to the homepage of the new store as the old store no longer exists. According to SU, your demonstrator number will still be applied to the new store even though the visitor gets directed to the homepage.

    Supply Lists
    Supply lists created before today can be re-saved to re-generate the PDF document and update the product links. You can access your saved supply lists for editing from your profile page.

    YouTube Links
    The URLs for our YouTube short link feature that were created before today have been updated to redirect to the new product pages. Note: this only applies to the products that still exist on the new store.

  • Add to Cart Feature

    We added a new feature that allows your vistors to add products to their shopping cart directly from your product showcase or supply list! You have the option to show an "Add to Cart" button under each product as well as an "Add All to Cart" button at the end of the product list.

  • Fun Stampers Journey - New Website

    After May 16 when you sign into My Stampin Blog, you will need to update your account profile with your new coach number. If you also changed your replicated Fun Stampers Journey website Url, you'll need to update that as well. You can access your My Stampin Blog profile by clicking here.

    Once Fun Stampers Journey releases their new website, we will need time to reprogram My Stampin Blog to work with it. The amount of changes that Fun Stampers Journey makes to their site will dictate the amount of work needed to update My Stampin Blog. It may take a day or more. Fun Stampers Journey does not provide us with any assistance or early access to their new site, so we will see it at the same time every one else does and any changes they make are out of our control.

  • YouTube Links

    New Feature!!! Generate short links for your YouTube video description. Click on the "Generate Links" button after creating a product showcase.

  • Fun Stampers Journey

    We've added support for Fun Stampers Journey Coaches! Fun Stampers Journey products and colors are now available to add to your blog.

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