• Year-End Sale

    The year-end sale showcases are now available!

  • Online Extravaganza

    The online extravaganza showcases are now available!

  • Video - Supply List Builder

    We put together a tutorial video for the NEW supply list builder feature. Check it out here

  • NEW Supply List Feature

    Check out our newest feature. Subscribers can now build custom supply lists and attach them to their showcases. Include images of the finished product, detailed instructions, and a list of products that link back to your store. You can also protect your supply lists by password protecting them, preventing the viewer from copy / pasting its content, or prevent the document from being printed.

  • Subscription Features

    We now offer subscription features. Check out the current list of features by clicking here.

  • Retired Lists

    Just in case anyone missed it, two new showcases were added to the website last week for the Retiring Stamps and Retiring Accessories.

  • Embedded Showcase Option

    You may have noticed the new Embedded Showcase option on the preview step of the showcase builder. This option was added to support anyone who's blog does not allow scripts to run such as Wordpress.com (not to be confused with Wordpress.org).

    Unchecking this option will remove the following showcase features:

    • The live showcases (ex. Weekly Deals) will NOT automatically update on your blog.
    • The carousel layout option will not be available because it requires scripts to run.
    • The showcase analytics will not be available in your profile. This is where you are able to view your top products, number of showcase views, and number of product clicks.

    Note: please be aware that with the embedded showcase option turned OFF your blog theme may conflict with some of the showcase styles.

  • Recent Updates

    Here's a list of some of the recent site updates:

    • Your browser will remember your last used showcase settings (image/font size, layout, etc).
    • You can edit existing showcases by going into your profile here and choosing the Edit option from the little gear menu next to the showcase you want to edit.
    • You can now download the supply list from the Link step by clicking on the Download Supplies button.
    • The supply list will now show the sale prices for the weekly deals. Also, if the showcase is setup to hide prices the supply list will also hide them.
  • Stamp, Stock, & Save

    A new live showcase has been added for the Stamp, Stock, & Save sale.

    View Showcase
  • New Additions

    Here's another list of recent additions to the site:

    1. We've added a new frequently asked questions page (FAQs) to answer the most common questions coming in through our contact form.
    2. Ever wish that you could go back and edit your showcase after getting the Link? This has been on the list of to-dos for a while and now it's done! You can now go back and change the layout or add/remove products... just remember to use the updated code that gets generated after making changes.


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